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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haiti cholera death toll tops 900

Source : BBC

Haiti cholera death toll tops 900
Patients with cholera symptoms, MSF hospital, Port-au-Prince (12 November 2010) More than 14,000 people have been hospitalised since the outbreak

The number of people in Haiti who have died from cholera has reached 917, the country's health ministry says.

The disease is present in six out of 10 provinces and 14,642 people have been hospitalised since the outbreak of the waterborne disease began last month.

Aid agencies are battling to contain cholera in the capital Port-au-Prince, amid fears it will spread through camps housing 1.1m earthquake survivors.

The UN is appealing for $164m (£101m) to treat the disease in the next year.

The death toll has risen by 121 since Friday.

Elections due

The worst affected area remains the central province of Artibonite, where 595 people have died, said an update on the health ministry's website.

In Port-au-Prince - which was badly damaged by the earthquake in January - 27 deaths have been recorded.

Earlier this month, Hurricane Tomas brought heavy rains, which aid agencies say contributed to the spread of the disease, as rivers burst their banks.

Up to 200,000 Haitians could contract cholera, the United Nations says.

Cholera itself causes diarrhoea and vomiting, leading to severe dehydration. It can kill quickly but is treated easily through rehydration and antibiotics.

Presidential and parliamentary elections are due to take place in two weeks' time, on 28 November.

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.


  • Intestinal infection caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water or food
  • Source of contamination usually faeces of infected people
  • Causes diarrhoea, vomiting, severe dehydration; can kill quickly
  • Easily treated with antibiotics

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pakistani Christian woman appeals over death sentence

Pakistani Christians in church Rights groups say the blasphemy law is often exploited by Islamist extremists or people harbouring personal grudges.

Pakistani Christian woman appeals over death sentence

Relatives of a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for insulting the Prophet Muhammad say they will appeal against her conviction.

Asia Bibi is believed to be the first woman sentenced to death under Pakistan's blasphemy law.

Her husband told the BBC her conviction was based on "false accusations".

Although no-one has ever been executed under the law, about 10 accused have been murdered before the completion of their trials.

The 45-year-old mother was sentenced to death on Monday by a court in the town of Nankana, around 75km (45 miles) from the city of Lahore in Punjab province.
Altercation over water

Her husband, Ashiq Masih, who is a field labourer, said: "We have never ever insulted the Prophet Muhammad or Islamic scripture, and we will contest the charges in the higher courts."

He said his wife was accused of blasphemy after getting into an argument last year with a group of women when she was sent by the wife of a village chief to fetch water.

Mr Masih said the other women challenged his wife and said it was sacrilegious to drink water collected by a non-Muslim.

"My wife took offence, saying, 'Are we not humans?' This led to an altercation," he said

Mr Masih added: "The actual complaint was lodged five days later, when local clerics raised the issue with the police."

Asia Bibi was arrested and charged with insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Reports say the trial judge ruled out the possibility that she was falsely accused and said there were no mitigating circumstances.

Human rights activists want the blasphemy law repealed as they say it is often exploited by Islamist extremists or those harbouring personal grudges.

Read More:
Bishop of Bradford David James examines recent violence culminating in the murder of six members of one family, burned to death in their home.

Pakistan city tense after 'blaspheming' Christians shot

The brothers had been accused of writing a pamphlet critical of the Prophet Muhammad
Police reinforcements have been called in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad a day after two Christians charged with blasphemy were shot dead outside court.

Christians 'are living in fear'

Pakistan is a hopeless country for civilised citizen The history of Pakistan is a document of human bloodshed in riot and terror attact. Civilised Nations should intervene in for better life of common people.

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