I started this blog for personal matters, to publish my art and literature, Now it seems I am turning this blog to a reporting media of Human abuse and Human being in wretched plight all around the World. I hope, We all citizen should rush to the crying and disturbing souls and help and support them. Protest and publicizing can help stop atrocities on public and bring safety measure to the mass under calamities.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stand in solidarity. Demand an end to the crackdown in Egypt.

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Stand in solidarity. Demand an end to the crackdown in Egypt.

25 January: The Tunisian and Egyptian flag held aloft © Demotix / Nour El Refai

Clashes erupted with organized groups of pro-government supporters attacking protesters in Cairo and across Egypt. © Nasser Nouri

When violence broke out in Tahrir Square an anti-Mubarak protester interviewed on TV said, “The difference between us and animals is that we have dignity.”

Protesters are demanding change but their right to do so peacefully is not being respected. They have been the target of violent attacks by pro-government supporters, while Egyptian authorities have failed to ensure protection of their right to freedom of expression and assembly.

Human rights activists and journalists have also been subjected to a systematic campaign of harassment and detention as part of a brutal crackdown by security forces that included the arrest of two Amnesty International staff. They spent two days in military custody before being freed.

Journalists and human rights activists must be able to carry out their work free from fear of intimidation or harassment. Detaining them cuts off vital access to information and escalates the risk of human rights violations taking place with impunity.

The Egyptian people must be able to make their voices heard and be able to organize peacefully. Vice President Omar Suleiman has been appointed to handle the situation.

Join us in calling on Vice President Omar Suleiman to stop the crackdown in Egypt.


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As dramatic events unfold, monitor human rights with us

25 January: The Tunisian and Egyptian flag held aloft © Demotix / Nour El Refai

©Demotix/Nour El Refai

As mass anti-government protests flare across the Middle East and North Africa, Amnesty International is urging state authorities in the region to respect the rights of those demanding change.

In the coming weeks, Amnesty International will bring you unique human rights perspectives on events in Egypt and the wider region, through photographs, eye-witness reports and analysis.

Also, if you’re outside Egypt you can show your solidarity with Egyptians by gathering with others online. Now is the time to act! Post a message or share information.

And if you want quick updates on the fast-moving events in the region follow us on Twitter.

Watch this space for a variety of perspectives on the role of women, the army, social media and lots of other aspects of the dramatic events shaping the Middle East and North Africa.

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