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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 2010: Take Action for Human Rights

December 2010: Take Action

Source : Amnesty International

A 38-year old labour activist, Su Su Nway, is serving a sentence of eight and a half years in a remote prison in Myanmar because she put up an anti-government banner in Yangon.

In Mexico, Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, is being intimidated by gangs and officials for providing a safe refuge to migrants who are exploited by criminals.

A woman in Senegal, Khady Bassène, is still waiting for justice and to find out what happened to her husband who disappeared in 1999.

These are ordinary people involved in extraordinary struggles and we don’t want to forget them.

Write for Rights

That’s why we participate in Write for Rights. Every year around International Human Rights Day on 10 December, thousands of Amnesty International members and supporters get together. We write letters and sign petitions taking action for individuals facing the risk of human rights violations.

Father Solalinde arrested by municipal police in the town of Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca state, Mexico 10 January 2007. He was then briefly detained with 18 Guatemalan migrants.

Letter-writing works

Igor Sutyagin, who was in prison in Russia for more than 10 years says letter-writing really works. He said,“The officials, they know about these letters. They know that this person is somehow untouchable and I really want to ask you and all Amnesty members to continue that activity because that will help others. I think it’s very, very important.”

Demand that the rights of Su Su Nway, Father Alejandro, Khady Bassene and others are respected.

Take action Now

You can also participate in a letter-writing event. Enthusiastic volunteers have organised events even in countries where we don’t have an office. Click here and browse through the month of December to find out if there is an event happening near you.

Individuals at Risk

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Each year hundreds of thousands of people mark International Human Rights Day on 10 December by taking part in Write for Rights, Amnesty International’s letter-writing marathon.

We write letters and take action online to demand that the rights of individuals are respected, protected and fulfilled. In doing so, we show solidarity with those suffering human rights abuses and try to bring about real changes to people’s lives.

All stamps

Join the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who will be writing letters and taking action online for 10 days in December. From Belgium to Benin and Switzerland to South Korea, Amnesty International events will take place around the world from 4-14 December 2010, to mark International Human Rights Day.

People will come together to Write for Rights by sending letters, emails, faxes, SMS messages and tweets, and signing petitions. Take action below.

Taking action can make a difference

In July 2010 the Egyptian authorities released Bedouin blogger and activist Musaad Suliman Hassan Hussein, known by his pen name Musaad Abu Fagr. He had been held without charge or trial for almost three years for calling for the rights of Bedouins in the Sinai to be respected.

Bu Dongwei spent over two years in a “Re-education Through Labour” camp in China until his release in July 2008, following campaigning by Amnesty International and others.

We're campaigning on behalf of ten different individuals this year. Take action below.

Appeals for action

Act now for Father Solalinde, Mexico

2 December 2010

Take action for Catholic priest Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, whose life is at risk because he has dedicated his life in Mexico to providing a place of safety for migrants.

Act now for Saber Ragoubi, Tunisia

6 December 2010

Take action for Saber Ragoubi, who was sentenced to death in Tunisia for belonging to a terrorist organization, which he denies. He was convicted on the basis of a “confession” under torture.

Act now for Femi Peters, Gambia

10 November 2010

Take action for Femi Peters, Campaign Manager for the opposition party in Gambia, who is serving a one-year prison sentence for holding a peaceful demonstration organized by his party.

Act now for Mao Hengfeng, China

10 November 2010

Take action for Mao Hengfeng, who serving 18 months "Re-education through labour" in China for her activist activities. She says she has been beaten.

Act Now for Khady Bassène, Senegal

10 November 2010

Take action for Khady Bassène, whose husband, Jean Diandy, was arrested by soldiers in Senegal in 1999. No one has seen him since and she is fighting for the truth about what happened to him.

Act now for Su Su Nway, Myanmar

8 November 2010

Take action for labour activist Su Su Nway, who is serving a sentence of eight years and six months in a remote prison, far from her family, for taking part in antigovernment protests.

Act now for Zelimkhan Murdalov, Russian Federation

8 November 2010

Take action for Zelimkhan Murdalov, who has not been seen since 2001, when he was detained in Chechnya in the Russian Federation.

Act now for Norma Cruz, Guatemala

1 November 2010

Norma Cruz, who fights for justice in cases of violence against women in Guatemala, has received dozens of death threats. Her aggressors have not been brought to justice

Act now for Walid Yunis Ahmad, Iraq

12 September 2010

Take action for Walid Yunis Ahmad, who has been held in detention by the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq for more than 10 years without charge or trial. He has been tortured.

Act now for Roma families forcibly evicted in Romania

26 January 2010

Take action for 100 Roma people, who have been forcibly evicted from their home in central Romania and need to be rehoused.

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